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Angered by the eagle eating the egg, the cobra spits out venom to kill the eagle to avenge its child


The moment of the survival battle between the eagle and the cobra was captured by nature photographer Karthik Ramanurthy in the city of Chennai (India). Karthik said it took him 30 minutes to “bury his feet” to be able to record this set of photos.

The eagle saw a cobra crawling in the thick grass near the city of Chennai and decided to swoop down to catch it. However, the cobra responds with dangerous bites.

The 30-minute dramatic battle between two top predators was captured from afar by wildlife photographer Karthik Ramamurthy.


According to Karthik, the cobra raises its head to create an equal position with the eagle. It took advantage of a lightning attack so that the eagle could not cope.

But the eagle shows its veteran hunting ability by turning its back so that the cobra grazes its feathers. After a struggle, the final victory belonged to the eagle.

It grabs the cobra with its sharp claws and twists its neck to end its prey.


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