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Incredible moment a python swallowed a possum in my home


I was doing the laundry the other day when a carpet python with a possum in its jaws slithered past the clothesline.
To be fair, when I moved into my inner-Brisbane home, our neighbours had warned me to be particularly wary of snakes because of my small dog.
Now, I take the warning more seriously.
I first spotted the python climbing into my garage last week and moved my dog indoors, giving the snake a wide berth.

When the coast looked clear, I nipped into the garage to grab some washing and heard a loud crack from a cavity where possums sometimes hide.
The python was writhing in the rafters, then dropped to the floor with a large brush tail possum and began tucking into its meal.
For the next half-hour, it squashed and swallowed its meal until nothing was left.
That night, I woke to crashing brooms as the engorged snake dragged itself to an exit.

My dog now lives indoors and enjoys strictly supervised yard time.
It’s not unusual to see all sorts of snakes out and about this time of year, RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty said.
“Now is the time when the snakes have sort of woken up after the winter and they’re moving around, particularly the males, looking for females,” Mr Beatty said.
“We definitely get a lot of snakes fighting and human encounters… it normally starts mid-October through to mid-December.”


A python taking a dog would be highly unusual, he said, but he urged people to ensure themselves and their pets give all snakes – particularly venomous ones – a wide berth.
“If you have seen a python in the backyard… I’d be careful. Unfortunately it’s not just pythons on the move, it’s brown snakes as well and any sized animal can be bitten by a brown snake,” he said.
Anyone concerned by snakes on their property should call a professional, Mr Beatty added.
“If you want some mice cleaned up, I’ve be leaving (pythons) in the ceiling… if you’ve got a small dog, you could always call a snake-catcher,” he said.
“It’s worth remembering 98 percent of people bitten by snakes get bitten while trying to kill them.”


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