“Stolen Innocence: Mother Antelope’s Thousand Anguishes Over Her Unborn Offspring”


Impala deserves to be the most pitiable animal in the wild world because they always have to be careful with many different predators such as pythons, hyenas, wild dogs, jackals, leopards, lions…

One of the most pitiful scenes recorded and sure to bring you to tears.

A pregnant impala is captured by a wild dog and soon the hyena arrives to enjoy the meal.

The wild dog is trying to eat the mother impala and the hyena has caught the newborn impala from the mother’s belly.

A delicious and nutritious meal as a reward for the hyena. But it was the ultimate pain of the mother impala as well as those who witnessed this scene.


Hippos also show up to enjoy a meal from their mother impala and then the leftovers are a delicious meal for a leopard in the evening.

I am sure that people will feel heartache and sympathy for the fate of these little prey in the wild. You are not allowed to interfere with nature but you can also share the article to spread the love of animals to everyone.

Let’s pray for a better world.


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