“Prey Selection Patterns of Lions: Unraveling the Science Behind Their Choices”


Traversing through the vast savannah, the lions stumbled upon a sizable herd of wildebeest feasting on lush green grass. The lions’ eyes gleamed with hunger as they contemplated indulging in a satisfying feast. However, the lions soon realized that securing such a bountiful meal would not come easily or without risks.

Consequently, they opted to select a more accessible target. Without hesitation, the lions circled around a nearby cluster of zebras, spotting a vulnerable foal among them.

Roaming the plains, the lions chanced upon a solitary lioness wandering with sharp hunger pains emanating from behind. The frail bellow caused two large lions in the lion’s body and caused it to die soon after. Meanwhile, the other lions had left and did not dare to continue the hunt.


Lions often hunt in packs when dealing with larger mammals such as buffalo, zebra, and antelope. They mainly choose vulnerable prey instead of running straight into the middle of the buffalo herd. They strategically pick off running stragglers into the middle of the buffalo herd.





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