“Lion Pride Strikes Back: Crocodile’s Bold Attack Sparks Savage Retaliation”


A crocodile tried to attack one of the lion cubs to eat and it was the most irreparable mistake of its life. The whole herd of lionesses came to interrogate the crocodile soon after.

These terrifying revenge images were captured by cardiologist Tony Goldman, 58, while visiting the wilderness in Duba Plains, Botswana with his son.

He said: “The lionesses had just killed a buffalo and suddenly the crocodile recklessly came up nearly 91m (100 yards) from the shore towards the lions to make a profit. One of the lion cubs appeared. appeared on this road, the crocodile threatened and tried to attack the lion cub.”

Two consecutive mistakes made it immediately receive expensive consequences, three lionesses immediately surrounded to attack this crocodile, they alternately attacked the opponent, making the crocodile unable to react.


“I expected the crocodile to retreat but no, it countered the lions and a fierce fight broke out with the crocodile biting one of the opponents. Dust was flying everywhere and everything was shaking. move for battle before the lions submit to the stubborn.”

It took up to 15 minutes for the lions to take down this tough enemy. As a result, the crocodile was also killed by the lion and successfully avenged. It is rare for lions to kill crocodiles, although confrontations between these two top predators are common.


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