With the advantage of long legs, the giraffe used it to kick the bloodthirsty lion to save its child


Giraffe is a special animal, recorded as the tallest mammal in the world thanks to its long legs and tall neck. This herbivore lives mainly in deserts, open forests, savannas and is found almost exclusively in Africa.

Unlike elephants, their large size puts giraffes at a disadvantage. Although they only drink water every few days, when they move to a water source, they often have to kneel, crouch and bend their necks, which makes giraffes vulnerable to predators like lions. death, leopard… in the African desert.

However, when placed in the line between life and death, miracles can still happen, like in the story below.

Animal photographer Don Heyneke during his field trip to Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya was the lucky one to capture these extraordinary footage.

According to Heyneke, his crew was on their way when they encountered a mother giraffe in labor about to give birth. Because of the interest in those sacred moments, everyone in the group decided to stay to witness the whole process.

Usually, the birthing process of giraffes will be relatively difficult because the length of the legs will cause the baby deer to fall from a height of about 2 m to the ground and may experience unnecessary injuries. After that, the baby giraffe will take about half an hour to get used to the new world and within 10 hours will be able to walk, run and jump.

But that is for other normal cases, the baby giraffe in the story is not so lucky, the moment it was born it fell into the sights of those two notorious predators. are lions and hyenas.


The delicious bait in front of you is not easy for two skilled “hunters” to ignore. After chasing for a while, it seems that the hyena could no longer hold its patience, so it ran away, leaving the lion alone on a front line. The lion followed the giraffe mother and daughter for a distance of more than 6 km until the last point was a dike located close to the river.

The mother giraffe did everything to protect her baby, but in a panic, she pushed her baby to fall into the river. The lion, of course, could not pass up the opportunity given to him by the heavens, but rushed down to grab and attack the baby deer to bring it forward. The mother giraffe with all her efforts could only chase the lion away for a while, leaving the baby deer lying around.

At this time, everyone was thinking of the scenario that the young giraffe would become the lion’s meal, when suddenly, by some miracle, the poor animal was still able to get up and stand up. tried to find a safe area in the river bed, but due to his injuries, the baby giraffe drowned.


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