“From Underdog to Hero: Hedgehog’s Confrontation with Leopard Ends in Startling Fashion”


The battle of leopards and hedgehogs.

A leopard was too hungry to confront a hedgehog, so decided to attack the hedgehog savagely.

But the leopard cried out in pain because the porcupine thorns pierced its body causing the leopard to become timid.

The savage leopard’s actions filled the hedgehog’s body with brutal and fierce revenge.

But the hedgehog was not afraid, it used its strong and sharp thorns to stab the leopard’s body repeatedly, causing the leopard to cry out in pain and beg for forgiveness.

However, after a while, because the hedgehog didn’t notice, the leopard chased the hedgehog and the hedgehog ran away.


When catching the hedgehog, the leopard did not dare to approach because the porcupine spines were too sharp, which could hurt the leopard, so the leopard could not do anything.

Although the leopard tried to fight fiercely to be able to escape the catastrophic attack of the hedgehog, the hedgehog still refused to stop.

After struggling for a while, the leopard finally escaped and accepted its fate.

In the face of the porcupine’s pursuit, the leopard stands bitterly watching its prey escape.


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