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Giant 5m-long king cobra bitten a lizard to death in front of everyone’s astonishment


The king cobra is considered the king of snakes because of its hunting ability and deadly venom. Moreover, the prey of cobras are often other snakes, they sometimes even eat their own kind. According to biologists, one-third of a cobra’s diet is its own kind.

Although the king cobra’s venom is not unique among snakes, it is enough to kill an adult elephant. With innate resistance to snake venom, even species such as black Mamba snakes or rattlesnakes are easy prey for this killing machine.


In the video, the giant cobra from the jungle suddenly discovered a lizard. With the experience of an adept predator, the snake gently slithers around its prey before using its ultimate weapon of venom.

Once hit by the cobra venom, the victim is slowly paralyzed. When the prey is no longer able to resist, this time the cobra slowly swallows its meal.


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