“Painful Upset: Lion Outmatched by Hedgehog’s Thorny Attack in 1v4 Clash”


In the clip, a large hedgehog is wandering by the river when it is suddenly ambushed by lions. Spotting a hedgehog roaming the grasslands, the male lion decided to attack his prey. After a long chase, the hedgehog was caught by the lion.

Immediately the predators surrounded the hedgehog and tried to attack it. However, things have not been easy. However, in order to eat this tough prey, the lion had to be very clever and try to endure the pain.

With the advantage of sharp spikes on its back, the lone hedgehog still confidently fights and even repels the lions. A few minutes later, realizing that this was a difficult prey, the lions gave up and left shortly after.


In the wild, adult porcupines are also the target of lion attacks. With its back covered with sharp spikes, the hedgehog knows how to defend itself. It erected its spikes, made a loud rubbing sound, gritted its teeth, and crawled across. It also swings its 25-centimeter-long tail full of spikes at its enemies, ready to injure or even kill lions.


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