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Poignant Plea: Mother Monkey Appeals to Wild Elephant for Protection against Leopard, Yielding Completely to Elephant’s Wishes


Can make many animals feel scared by their big, cold appearance, but not everyone knows behind that, elephants are animals with kind and friendly hearts. Specifically, in the video below, the jaguar recorded the drama from the beginning with the jaguar’s jump to the tree to catch the baby monkey. Witnessing the abduction of her young, the mother monkey let out a pitiful cry with a face full of panic and despair.

The mother monkey’s cry for help accidentally reached the ears of the nearby forest elephants. Perhaps, also experiencing the days of raising children from a young age, so the baby elephant has empathy for the mother monkey. They quickly rushed to the crime scene to help.

The leopard was holding a baby monkey in its mouth when it suddenly fell to the ground. It is thanks to this point that the “pull” takes a lot of time, enough for the elephants to appear at the right time. Strong and decisive, the huge herd of angry elephants rammed their heads into the surrounding trees, causing leopards to jump in fear. Knowing no match for the elephants, the predator immediately turned around and “lost his sandal”, leaving the poor baby monkey shivering in fear on the ground.


The mother monkey quickly ran to hug the baby monkey and quickly pulled it to safety. The emotional reunion image made many viewers “tears” to tears.


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