“Wildlife Heroes: Buffalo Stampede Protects Humans from Lion Threat”


In the clip, a group of lions join forces to attack a large wild buffalo. After a while of effort, they defeated their prey.

However, before enjoying a hearty meal, a herd of wild buffaloes flocked. They quickly come close to threaten predators to find a way to save their fellow humans.

Faced with the difference in numbers, the lions had to leave their delicious prey and find a way to escape. As a result, thanks to the help of the whole herd, the wild buffalo was lucky to escape death.

Lions often hunt in groups and their prey is mainly medium to large mammals such as antelope, zebra, buffalo…



Meanwhile, the African buffalo is one of the 5 largest animals in Africa, an adult buffalo can weigh from 500 kg to 1,000 kg. Despite such a large body, buffalo is still a frequent prey of lions.


That’s because lions are herd hunters, operating in large numbers, so a herd of lions can easily destroy large prey. However, despite being a super predator, lions do not always have an advantage when hunting. In particular, when a herd of lions faces a herd of wild buffalo, the lion’s hunting story will also become more difficult.


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