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Baboons risk their lives to launch bloody attacks on leopards for a delicious meal


Baboons are omnivores that feed on fruits, seeds, insects and larvae. But sometimes they are also cruel to newborn impalas to have delicious meals of fresh meat.

When the impalas often actively hunt, they target the newborn impalas and start chasing their prey. Mother impalas are not usually dangerous to them.

The baboon casually committed the crime and quickly tore the ill-fated impala to pieces. 2 baboons are fighting over a poor impala carcass.

The fight became more and more intense and the wild boars almost stole the meal. The winning baboon quickly turned around and snatched the meal from the wild boar.

Baboons and leopards are two sworn enemies of each other, between them often have fierce territorial disputes. You may even shed blood or lose your life.


A leopard discovered a baboon was alone in a tree, it decided to attack and kill its target to eat. The baboon realized the enemy’s intentions and climbed onto a tall tree branch.

Regrettably, the leopard’s speed and mastery of climbing put the monkey out of reach. Finally, the monkey was forced to fall to the ground by the leopard, then what came happened, it was caught by the leopard and eaten.


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