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“Innocence and Deception: Mother Impala’s Loss against Clever Baboon Predators”


When hungry, baboons can eat anything to fill their stomachs. However, usually they only eat plants and small animals such as birds, frogs, etc.

The video captures the moment a baboon casually pounces and eats the baby antelope, despite the mother’s rescue efforts, leaving viewers “shocked”.

Even naturalists were surprised, for they had never seen anything like it. Usually, baboons and gazelles hang out next to each other, alerting each other when predators approach.

However, in the recorded video, the leading male baboon attacked aggressively, and even ate the baby antelope. The mother antelope saw this, immediately rushed in, using her head to ram the enemy, hoping to drive it away.


But the monkey did not fear the resistance of the mother antelope. It even slaps the antelope in the face with its arm, to make the animal give up its efforts. After all, the antelope could do nothing but watch its young being eaten alive. When the adult baboon finished eating, a smaller monkey took the rest of the carcass away.


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