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“In the Face of Danger: Wild Boar’s Heroic Struggle to Protect Its Young from Tiger”


The tiger is the largest cat species and a member of the Panthera genus.

Tigers are known for their distinctive orange to reddish-orange coat with black vertical stripes, which act as effective camouflage in their natural habitats.

Adult male tigers are generally larger than females. The Siberian Tiger is the largest subspecies, with males weighing up to 800 pounds (363 kg) and measuring over 10 feet (3 meters) in length, including the tail.

Tigers are solitary and territorial animals. They are apex predators and hunt a variety of animals, including deer, wild pigs, and other ungulates. Tigers are known for their powerful build and remarkable strength.


It is difficult for animals to survive a war with tigers, and it is difficult for humans to defeat tigers.

Wild boar is often the food of the tiger and the battles with wild boar are the most exciting battles. Wild boars are extremely hardy and aggressive animals.


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