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“Skies of Defeat: Falcon’s Unfortunate Outcome in the Frenzied Encounter with the Snake”


The battles of the falcon and the snake are always the best battles. The falcon will always be the winner but there are some exceptions where the falcon can pay dearly for his mistake.

A great video on Youtube was posted and attracted a lot of attention from those who love to explore the wild world. A falcon lands on a snake in a surprise hunt.

The falcon was found wrapped around a snake and unable to run away. The falcon is in a state of exhaustion and defenseless.


On the other side, the snake quite freely attacked the falcon and wrapped its tail tightly around the falcon. Seeing that the battle had obvious results, the cameramen joined the fight and saved the falcon from the snake.

The falcon received a life lesson after a mistaken hunt.

Awesome video now has more than 460k views and more than 1.2k likes


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