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Loyal dog risks biting back venomous snakes to save his owner


A 10-year-old Yorkshire Terrier named Spike gave his life at the end of May to save the life of his beloved human.

Despite the danger that only cost the brave canine his life thirty minutes later, Spike didn’t hesitate to save his favorite person when a poisonᴏus cobra appeared in the victim’s garden in South Africa.

Louise Grobler was on the phone when the snake entered her property. The reptile was silently approaching the dog lover, but she was too absorbed in her talk to see it. Fortunately, Spike jumped in and nimbly bit the snake to try and kill it.

However, the canine was penetrated in the process by one of the cobra’s teeth, and tragically, nothing could be done to save him. Spike was a hero, saving my life by taking out the lethal snake, Louise said. I believe the snake might have bitten me as well because I was so near to it when Spike leaped up and grabbed it by the neck. I ran next door to ask my neighbor for assistance as soon as I realized what was going on, but when I returned, Spike had already

Tragic events soon after Spike’s passing shook her family. Prinses, their other family dog, was also bitten by a snake and cruelly abandoned. A few months prior, the small dog had been adopted after appearing to have been abandoned by her previous family.

“We could not bear to part with her,” the family said after letting her remain for longer than the stipulated two weeks. In the end, she gave birth to four puppies, which we later donated to a dog refuge. My family learned that I had buried the dogs in separate but nearby graves in our front garden after they ᴘᴀssᴇᴅ ᴀᴡᴀʏ. As we buried them, Mʀɪsᴋ (her daughter) sobbed uncontrollably, and I sobbed alongside her. sd Louise

The family that adored Spike and Prinses will never forget them, and Louise will live the rest of her life thinking about the brave little dog’s selfless act. They were loyal dogs.

A dog in the village of Sebekapur in the state of Odisha, India, became the “hero” of the villagers after sacrificing his life to bite and kill four extremely poisonous cobras that crawled into his owner’s house.

Telegraph on July 15 reported, the incident happened at night when the male dog Doberman discovered four poisonous mountain cobras slithering into the yard of the house in Sebekapur village. The dog immediately rushed to attack to prevent the venomous snakes from entering.

The dog fought with poisonous snakes for 4 hours. After the fierce battle, all 4 poisonous snakes were bitten to death, but the brave dog could not survive due to the venom from many bites.

“I am very shocked. This is a great sacrifice for my family. I will remember the dog until the day I die. God bless the dog,” said Dibakar Raita, the dog’s owner. shall.


After the story of the brave dog sacrificing himself to protect his owner spread, hundreds of people came to Raita’s home to lay a memorial wreath on the animal’s carcass. The dog’s funeral was solemnly held before being buried.

Sebakpur village is located at the foothills surrounded by many shrubs, so wild animals often appear in the village, especially poisonous snakes that crawl from the bushes into houses and livestock stables.

Doberman is the name of a breed of dog with a toned body, often kept for housekeeping, guarding or on duty. This breed is very intelligent and obedient to its owner. They rarely attack humans or other animals unless sensing imminent danger to their owners.

South African snake catcher Nick Evans said on March 8 that a man living in Escombe, Queensburgh, about 16 kilometers west of Durban, felt strange when his rottweiler-like dog barked towards the sofa. for days and repeatedly pushed the host away when he was about to sit down in his chair in the afternoon. After two days, the owner noticed the dog barking behind the chair, he moved the sofa and discovered a black mamba snake lurking underneath. Evans was called by his landlord to capture the venomous snake.

The black mamba is a very venomous snake found in eastern and southern Africa. If not treated promptly with serum, their bites have a mortality rate of up to 100%. This snake can reach a length of 3 m or more and crawls extremely fast, moving at speeds of up to 20.1 km / h. According to Evans, the largest black mamba he has ever encountered was 3.05 meters long. They can be slightly larger but no more than 4 m. The snake caught at the house in Escombe was about 2.2 meters long.

Evans said the rottweiler rushed to attack the exposed snake but the owner grabbed it before it entered the snake’s bite range. Evans took the snake away from the house while the owner and the dog were safe.

The bite of a black mamba snake can be deadly in 20 minutes because it contains a powerful nerve agent. Each bite contains an average of 100-120 milligrams of the toxin while the highest dose ever recorded is 400 milligrams. Symptoms that quickly appear after the bite include a metallic taste in the mouth, drooping eyelids, blurred vision, slurred speech, muscle twitching, difficulty moving, respiratory paralysis, and cardiac arrest. Researchers don’t know the exact number of people bitten by a black mamba each year, but a survey in Zimbabwe between 1991 and 1992 found that out of 275 snake bites, 15 were caused by black mambas and two out of 15. death factor.


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