“A Rush of Justice: Oryx’s Horns Tell the Tale to the Leopard”


Oryx is a very special antelope, they have long and pointed horns that scare other predators. But leopards, lions or cheetahs still want to try Oryx and these fearsome horns.

A wonderful moment is captured and Oryx has done a great job to protect its baby from the hands of death.

A cheetah suddenly rushed in from behind and attacked the newborn Oryx, but the mother Oryx quickly detected the danger and protected her baby.


Oryx the mother rushes and quickly points the deadly horn in the direction of the cheetah, Cheetah slows down and dodges the deadly blow.

Then Cheetah gets scared and runs away immediately and forgets the meal from newborn Oryx.

In the wild there were many victories for Oryx when faced with cheetah, leopard and even lion.



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