The cruelty of the king of the sky when he kidnapped a mountain goat and then dropped it from a height of thousands of meters to kill his prey


The eagle is definitely the lord of the vast space in the sky and is also a very powerful hunter when it can defeat many animals larger than its size.

A mountain goat is no exception, looking at how an eagle hunts a mountain goat you will see the eagle’s intelligence as well as the ability to control the sky.

Mountain goats that live on steep cliffs are easy to fall down. The clever eagle used it to challenge a large goat for its most epic meal.

It separates a pre-targeted goat from the herd and then chooses the right moment to rush down to attack. The attack is intended to knock the goat off the cliff and it simply swoops down and enjoys its meal.


After a few attacks, it also got the meal it wanted under the cliff, a giant goat and sure enough its food will be comfortable for the next few days.

The video was posted on Youtube and received more than 2m views along with countless surprised comments from the audience.

It’s scary that eagles are smart enough to figure out how to use gravity to kill.

that eagle was in my physics class n got better a grade than me

Hell of a way to tenderize your meat.


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