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Trapped between a wild dog and an antelope hippo, suddenly received a death sentence from a fearsome predator


Surviving in the wild is not easy, especially for gentle herbivores, because danger always lurks for them wherever they are. A video captures the battle between the Nyala antelope with not one, but three fearsome enemies of the African grasslands, showing the extreme harshness of wild nature.

The video begins with a Nyala antelope being chased by wild dogs and running down the river. Even though it was cornered, it still managed to resist by raising its horns towards the enemy.

Witnessing the determination of the prey, the wild dogs did not rush in, but only stopped at the water’s edge. As it turns out, their reluctance is due to another reason. When the battle showed no sign of ending, an adult hippo suddenly approached behind the antelope. As it turns out, this body of water is their territory.

But when the hippo sped up to prepare for an attack, the antelope was alert, turned backwards, and used its horns to defend itself. Its fierce resistance scares even hippos. The animal immediately retreated, and only dared to watch quietly from afar.


On the shore, the stray dogs could not find a way to approach their prey, and many of them left to go to another target. Just when everyone thought the antelope seemed to have done a miracle by successfully surviving to leave the shallows, the enemy finally revealed his face: A crocodile appeared from behind, the gazelle did not. didn’t know.

With just one bite, the crocodile caused the tired animal to collapse quickly. The video ends with a rather disappointing ending, as everyone believes that the antelope will eventually “make it up” thanks to its bravery and flexibility.


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