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Horror as five-year-old boy plunges to his death off his house after being chased by a gang of raging monkeys


A FIVE-year-old boy tragically plunged to his death after he was chased by a gang of monkeys.

The boy named Nikhil fell from the roof of his house in the village of Jagat, India, when he was attacked by the raging animals.

The horror incident happened on Sunday evening in the Alapur area of Badaun district.

Nikhil was rushed to the hospital but he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

The boy’s dad Nekram said the youngster was playing alone on the roof at the moment of the attack.

He fell off the roof while trying to get away from the chasing monkeys, according to local media.

Sanjay Singh, SHO of the Alapur police station, said: “A minor boy died after he accidentally fell from the roof of his house.

“His family had refused to send the body for autopsy. Since it was an accident, we did not force the family.”


Back in July, a woman died in the same way when she fell off the roof of her house in a bid to escape a group of monkeys.

A young girl was left fighting for her life after a monkey that escaped from a millionaire neighbour’s zoo attacked her.

Horrific footage shows the moment a girl is nearly scalped after teasing a monkey in a zoo in Mexico.

The adorable-looking primates are known to harass, beat, rob and even kidnap humans in broad daylight.

Here are the world’s worst monkey attacks – from a baby being snatched by a moped-riding beast to brutal gang muggings.



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