The attack lasted the century when 20 wolves gathered and attacked the bison for two hours for a hearty meal


In this scene we go to a cold place full of snow with scary wolves, it often hunts in packs of up to hundreds. This time confronting them are large bison, but slow because their large bodies look very sluggish, so they can’t move too fast.

The bison are migrating to another place to feed, because this place is covered with snow and ice, they cannot find food here, on this migration route they have been targeted by hundreds of wolves.

After many hours of moving, the wolf pack surrounded the bison, it continuously attacked its prey, causing them to panic and not control their herd.


The bison also attack against the wolves but it seems very non-aggressive and they run away in groups, of course the soi can’t run easily, they focus on a bison that looks like weakest in the herd.

The bison tried to move so that the predator could not knock it down, but suddenly a bison ran from behind and hit him in the ass, knocking him to the ground and the wolves all tormenting him. it cannot get up.

At last the wolves had a hearty meal.


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