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Terrified to see the tiny water snake trying to swallow the giant fish by the river


Water snakes are quite friendly snakes, they are not venomous, although the stripes on their backs remind us of rattlesnakes. They are endemic to the southwestern United States. Adult snakes are usually about 76 – 152cm long.

One day while fishing near Chocowinity, North Carolina, John saw a horrifying sight, commenting: “This is clearly not something you see every day.”

A snake went hunting and luckily found a catfish, of course catfish became the meal of the evening.

In the 8-second video, half of the snake’s body is submerged in the water while the catfish tries to reach the surface, the water snake tries to open its mouth to eat the catfish. Although the fish lay motionless, the snake still encountered many difficulties due to choosing oversized bait.


According to experts, the snake decided to choose fish as prey to “fight hunger”. Known to be “easygoing” carnivores when choosing prey, snakes can “swallow” anything as long as it fills its stomach.



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