Courage Under Fire: The Zebra’s Tenacious Struggle to Outmatch the Lion and Stay Alive


Zebras are a special species of horse with 2 black and white colors on their skin, they possess a fairly fast running speed and deadly kicks with their hind legs.

Lions are the wildest’s most successful predators and regularly go on zebra hunts. The battles for survival always unfold in the most intense way and the lion is the animal that enjoys the deadly kicks from the zebra.

Lions often hide and suddenly rush to attack zebras, instinctively the zebras will run away and attack the lion with their hind legs.


Strong rear kicks aimed directly at the lion’s face, the unlucky lions will be knocked down by a kick.

When the zebras no longer have the opportunity to run away, they will use everything to attack the lion and that will be the most fascinating moments.

Watch the moment the lion fell before the zebra.


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