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“Kingdom in Flux: Mongoose’s Scheme to Overthrow the Self-Proclaimed King”


The fierce battle between mongoose and cobra right in the middle of the road was shared by an employee of the Forest Service of India in recent days.

The video is less than 30 seconds long, capturing the overwhelming victory of the mongoose against a dangerous opponent, the cobra. The interesting thing is that because this fight took place in the middle of the road, many people stopped to film, waiting for the civet to finish its “road clearing mission” before continuing to move.

At the beginning of the video, the mongoose rolls at the enemy without hesitation in the middle of the road. It tries to bite the opponent while the cobra is constantly moving to avoid being bitten.

There was a time when the civet stepped back, perhaps to prepare for the final decisive attack. After returning to the ring, the mongoose vigorously chased the snake to the other side of the road.


With a decisive bite, the civet grabbed the cobra’s neck. After making sure the prey was firmly in its sharp teeth, the civet moved like a scissor to a snake and crept into the bushes on the other side of the road.

Since being shared on August 18, the video has attracted nearly 15,000 views and thousands of likes, shares and comments. Many Twitter users commented that this was a great video, allowing them to admire the rare sight.

It is known that the Indian magut lives in forests, bushes and cultivated fields near residential areas. They are the arch-rivals of many venomous snakes, including the cobra.

The mongoose possesses the ability to move quickly, dodge attacks from snakes as fast as cutting, and can accurately bite back with sharp teeth, especially immunity to snake venom.



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