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“In Pursuit of a Meal: Hungry Crocodile Targets the King of Pigs’ Prized Pigs”


Boars, despite having short legs, possess extremely fast sprinting speeds. Science has recorded this species can reach speeds of 48 km / h in short distances, a skill that is very useful when being chased.

The ability to sprint for short distances is a weapon that helps the boar survive against many high-speed predators such as leopards, lions, etc. Meanwhile, the fangs protrude from the mouth and curve upwards. is a challenge for hunters if they want to defeat this animal.


Seeing the wild boars feeding next to the swamp, the crocodile rushed to attack the piglets. Immediately, 3 larger wild boar risked their lives to fight the predator. Thanks to this brave act, they helped the cubs avoid the “death sentence”.

Shocked by the attack, the crocodile froze to death and lay still in the sand as the piglets were herded to safety by their parents.


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