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“Surviving Against the Odds: The Unbelievable Struggle of a Mother Mouse Defending Her Baby from Snakes”


Divine motherhood has always existed in this world, a mother rat risked her life to save one of its babies dying in the mouth of an evil snake.

The great video was posted on facebook and received tens of millions of views and many interesting comments.

The snake entered the nest and caught the newborn rat, then fled outside. The mother mouse immediately gave chase and hoped to save her baby’s life.

The mother rat started to get angry and rushed to attack the snake, the snake was trying to swallow the baby mouse but had to release it and fight with the mother mouse.


The mother mouse with strong love fought fiercely with the snake and scared the snake.

Then the mother rat slowly approached and saved her cubs from the door of death and safely returned home.

The video is truly the most amazing emotional movie anyone has ever seen.


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