Desperate Struggle: Trembling Lion Faces the Fury of Angry Buffaloes – Can She Make a Daring Escape?


As a herd, the lion’s main prey is medium to large mammals such as antelope, zebra, buffalo…

Just like a miniature society, the wild world has its order and is set up by powerful hunters. They are the most fearsome predators in the wild and are ranked by scientists at the top of the food chain.

However, sometimes there are exceptions, that is when the prey knows how to unite with each other, the mutual affection will create incomparable strength, enough to create the classic flips in the wild. wild nature.

52-year-old Ian Matheson and his son on a picnic at the Mjejane reserve located in the Kruger wildlife park, South Africa, captured the most realistic footage of the species’ overthrow. African wild buffalo.

The story begins with a scene where a couple of lions encounter a wild buffalo straying from the herd. Not missing the opportunity, the pair of lions rushed to attack the pitiful prey. Thought that the buffalo would not be able to escape the tragic end, suddenly luck smiled at it.

Realizing that his friend was in dire straits, the other two buffaloes did not hesitate to rush to the rescue.


It seems that now, in their eyes, the lion is no longer a fearsome hunter as usual, but just an obnoxious bully. Friendship has turned the wild buffalo into braver, stronger than ever. It lunged forward, using its sharp horns to knock the lion down and dive in the air. Hitting 1 time is not enough, still in the “blood boiling” rush, the buffalo once again attacked the lion.

At this point, the lion began to absorb the pain and knew how to hit the wrong opponent. Immediately after the buffalo’s attack, the lion immediately hid in the nearby bushes and “run away”.

In fact, the African buffalo is not an animal that is easily bullied. It is one of the five largest animals in Africa, with a body weight that can reach 500 kg to 1,000 kg in adulthood.

According to statistics, every year African buffalo causes about 200 murders. Even hunters must be wary of them because once injured, the buffalo will become agitated and attack anyone near it.


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