Buffalo frolics with 15 lions and then kills 3 hippos to become king of the swamp


Buffalo is a stubborn animal and is ready to be the one to confront any predator.
Lions or hippos can also be easily defeated if the buffalo is in a state of intense agitation.
A fierce hunt but the result is extremely fun when this wild buffalo confronts 15 lions and 3 hippos.

Buffalo is hunted by 15 lions and it is still resilient for the fight for survival, it both fights and runs away to find a place to hide.
Finally, the buffalo was lucky enough to find the water hole and quickly jumped into it. Successfully cutting off the lion’s tail, the buffalo is entangled in a deadly fight with the hippo.


But this time it was not afraid, but attacked the hippo in succession, causing the hippo to panic.
Buffalo then majestically escaped from the arms of the death.


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