Instinctive Defense: Angry Mother Ostrich’s Fearless Stand Against Hyenas to Ensure Her Cubs’ Survival


Among the African grasslands, there are always dangers lurking about newly hatched ostriches, including hyenas.

The following clip captures the scene where the parent ostrich fights off a large herd of hyenas to protect the young.

Because ostriches have been patiently letting their chicks come out of eggs, predators are interested in these chicks.

From another perspective, the leader hyena doesn’t want its entire pack to starve. This is the responsibility of the leader.

Young ostriches are sure to be a delicious and easy meal when only 2 ostriches stand in the way while hyenas have the advantage in numbers.


The whole herd of hyenas is very cautious when confronting ostriches. The female ostrich seemed calm when the hyenas arrived.

His belief in the male ostrich is certainly well founded. Finally, the hyenas cannot reach the female ostrich and the young under the protection of the male ostrich.


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