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The old tiger risked his life to climb the tree to hunt monkeys and the painful ending for him when the monkey family used knives and spears to kill mercilessly


Set in the beautiful East African jungle, a hungry tiger is hunting and encounters a herd of monkeys.

The lustful eyes and the raging belly of the tiger make it impossible to ignore these fat prey.

The tiger’s target is a baby monkey, and it is very determined to climb the tree to hunt for its prey.

It only took a few minutes, the tiger was able to easily climb up the tree and approach the baby monkey.

Right now the baby monkey is in danger, can’t escape, can only cry for help.


Unexpectedly, the weight of the tiger and the baby monkey made the branch unbearable and broke, both fell to the ground and the baby monkey was accidentally freed.

However, the monkeys also discovered the incident and took action to retaliate against the tiger

Monkey using his flexible climbing ability on the tree suddenly threw his fist into the tiger’s face, making the tiger suddenly stunned.

The tiger’s bad day and the monkey’s sweet revenge


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