Merciless lion, a 2-month-old baby elephant was tortured to death by a pack of bloodthirsty lions.


The incident happened in Hwange National Park (Zimbabwe) and was recorded by a tourist.

In the clip, a young elephant is wandering alone near a lake. Moments later, a male lion quietly approached the elephant.

With just one quick movement, the lion jumped up and bit into the back of the baby elephant. As soon as the elephant fell down in pain, another lioness quickly rushed to the relay to bring down the prey. In the end, the baby elephant became a meal for the lions.

In the grasslands of Africa, lions are among the top of the food chain. With their superior strength and herd hunting habits, they are enough to kill many other large animals for food.


Their primary prey is other mammals, especially medium to large ungulates, including plains zebras, wildebeest, wildebeest, and antelopes. , giraffes, hippos and even juvenile African bush elephants.

Meanwhile, elephants have the advantage of appearance, strength and the number of individuals in the large herd makes it difficult for lions to approach and eat meat. However, young or lost elephants can be easily defeated by lions to eat, especially young elephants still do not have enough strength and wisdom to resist the siege and Lions attack.


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