“A Cry Unanswered: Wildebeest’s Struggle to Reach Safety Amidst Wild Dogs’ Hunt”


A tourist told us that: on a trip they filmed the most memorable moment, a wildebeest was trying to get close to our car to escape from a pack of wild dogs.

Wild dogs have the characteristics of hunting in groups, the number of wild dogs when hunting is very large, up to 20 – 30, thanks to that unity, they hunt very effectively, rarely fail, favorite targets. its antelope, warthong, wildebeest…

When we passed the wildebeest tried to get close to our car, it tried to call for help but the wild dogs were not determined to pull the prey away from our car.


After many hours of struggling to tear the prey, it was defeated, even the wild dog bit the carcass of the wildebeest to the shadow of our car.

In the end, the wildebeest could not stand the bite, but lay down and let the wild dogs eat it. When we saw that scene, we were also very scared, but somewhat excited because it was the survival of nature.


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