“Strike of Thunder: Anteater’s 1000kg Punch Delivers a Knockout Blow to Leopards”


Anteaters are unique mammals known for their specialized diet and long snouts adapted for feeding on ants and termites. Not only that, it is also a rather hot-tempered animal and is ready for life-and-death battles.

Leopards are the most successful predators in the wild, but have also failed at the hands of anteaters.

A rare moment is recorded, when leopards are the hunter and the anteater is the prey.

Leopards lurking in the bushes have a habit and suddenly attack anteaters. But this animal is not an easy opponent to swallow, the anteater is quick to defend and wait for an opportunity to attack.


Leopards start to slow down and probe their opponents but the anteater is the first to attack. The bravery and recklessness of the anteater surprised and scared the leopard.

The struggle was long and the leopard could not win the anteater and quietly left.


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