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“The Dark Side of the Wild: When the Wild Boar Seizes the Newborn Gazelle”


Pigs are known for being gentle and quite cute, but in the wild boars are completely different. Wild boars possess a slim body and can run quite fast, along with their sharp forward-pointing fangs that make them better for self-defense.

There are many cases of wild boar hunting and its prey are newborn gazelles. A rather sad scene captures the hunting moment of wild boar.

Gazelle struggled during childbirth and was always on the lookout for enemies around it. Wild boar approached and Gazelle didn’t watch out for wild boar.


When the newborn gazelle is born, it is also the time when the wild boar acts, it rushes to attack the animal that is afraid of birth and ignores the anger of the mother gazelle.

The mother Gazelle is quite small compared to the wild boar and the horn is not sharp enough to injure the wild boar. This mother painfully gave up her child.


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