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Terrified when python slithered into the house and swallowed the family’s pet cat on the Sunshine Coast


A Queensland snake catcher has filmed the moment he caught a massive carpet python, which had made a meal out of a family cat.
Luke Huntley was called to the home in Kin Kin, north of Noosa, last month, where he found the reptile curled up behind a box.

“That’s a pretty big cat and a pretty big snake,” he said in the video.
The python, which was more than three metres long, had a huge bulge in its belly after devouring the pet – which he said was a Maine Coon.
“It was a very heavy snake,” he told 9News.
“It’s very upsetting and to lose a pet like that is very, very confronting.”
The reptile was carefully placed in a bag and relocated to the bush.
Mr Huntley also had a warning for Queenslanders about the dangers of letting small pets outside during snake season.


The reptiles are on the move after recent rain and are looking for shelter – and food – anywhere they can.
“Snake season, especially here on the coast, has just put us into hyperdrive and we are all absolutely flat out.
“Remember, it doesn’t need to be an absolutely massive snake to take a cat.”


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