“Small But Mighty: Newborn Impala’s Daring Face-Kick Shakes the Lion’s Confidence”


Newborn days are the worst days for newborn animals. They can be in danger at any time and there is really no chance of survival.

A sad image is being circulated on Youtube when a lioness has attacked and captured 2 newborn impalas. The lioness is preparing a hearty meal for her cubs and the two newborn impalas are the main course of the meal.

In the video is an image of a lioness holding a small impala in her mouth and gathering her prey in a discreet place. Then the lion continued to hunt.


The second time it brought back another newborn impala and brought it back to its original location. The 2nd impala is still alive and tries to attack the lion with kicks.

At 1 minute and 30 seconds the impala kicked the lion in the face, but those kicks were nothing to the lion. Those were just its last actions before being killed by the lion.

Anyway, the impala tried to survive and also kicked the lion to confirm his bravery.


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