“Rooster’s Tenacious Tutorial: Dog with Mouse Liver Learns Valuable Lesson”


Recently, a clip of a dog and chicken fighting was shared online, attracting millions of views and tens of thousands of interactions and comments. In the clip, the white rooster, though unbalanced, still rushes to fight the male dog.

The male dog has some concessions to the smaller animal, but the rooster is more likely to encroach. Constantly beaten by a rooster.

The domestic dog also responds to warn, but these warnings seem to have little effect. The rooster continued to rush into the dog’s face.


The stubbornness of the rooster many times made the male dog embarrassed to run away, but the rooster did not intend to let the domestic dog go.

The rooster continuously chased the dog, determined to fight to the end, until the owner gave a short can to forgive the dog. How pitiful for the dog.


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