“Blindside Ambush: Mongoose’s Ruthless Assault and Eye-Ripping Encounter with the Lizard”


A very brave mongoose tackles a lizard, and the fight goes back and forth in the middle of the road until one eventually wins.

“We had been driving for quite some time with not much to see. Eyes fixed on the road, I continued driving until movement caught my attention. Something was happening on the road, and it was small. I took out my binoculars and looked; low and behold, it was a feisty mongoose tackling a lizard.”

Mongooses are small animals that can live in different places, like forests, savannahs, mountains, and river systems. They have a long body, short legs, and a long tail. They are good at smelling and can find and catch insects, small reptiles, and rodents. Mongooses are fast and can move quickly to catch their prey. They are most active during the day and live together in small groups.

“We got in a little closer to the action and switched off the vehicle. The mongoose maintained a tight grip on the lizard. However, the lizard was not so quick to give in and fought back. The fighting from both ends resulted in a tug of war, with neither getting the upper hand.”


“Eventually the mongoose changed tactics and went for the lizard’s eyes. Ripping one clean out, the lizard was now clearly in some serious trouble. The mongoose did not stop there and persisted until it was able to drag the entire lizard across the road. At that point we lost visual, but it was clear what was going to happen.”

Africa has many interesting animals, not just the famous Big Five. Even small creatures like mongooses and lizards are fascinating. They all play their own unique role in the ecosystem. These little animals are a vital part of Africa’s diverse ecosystems. It’s important to remember and appreciate all the amazing creatures, big and small, that live in Africa.


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