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Fierce Wilderness Encounter: Komodo Dragon Preys on Wild Boar in Heart-Pounding Fight


Komodo dragons always scare us because of the poison in their saliva and the way they hunt and enjoy their meals is also very scary.

A Komodo dragon can swallow anything and a alive pig is no exception.

A video going viral on Youtube proves it. The video was posted on April 6 and is gaining a lot of viewers.

On a lucky day of hunting, the Komodo dragon caught a wild boar and was trying to decapitate the boar’s head.


The Komodo dragon’s poison took a few days to work and now the Komodo dragon wants to enjoy the meal immediately.

The Komodo dragon tried to bite the boar’s head and slowly brought the pig into its mouth. The pig cried out in despair.

When the screams ceased, the wild boar was already in the belly of the Komodo dragon.


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