A Mother’s Worst Nightmare: Elephant’s Unbearable Agony as She Witnesses her Baby’s Demise at the Hands of a Leopard


Elephants are huge animals and adult elephants are hard to beat by predators like lions or leopards.

But newborn elephants are frequent prey of lions and leopards.

A very fierce battle will take place when the elephants begin to be born, the lions and leopards are waiting for this moment.

At that moment the newborn elephant will not be able to run away and is quite weak, just a few attacks and the lion and leopard can kill the baby elephant.


But the biggest challenge is still the mother elephant, the mother elephant is huge and can crush any animal. However the elephants are too big and their movements are always slow.

Lions and leopards take advantage of this time to finish off the baby elephants and then run away. It is the mother elephant’s happiest moment and also the most painful one.



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