A Battle Lost: Heart-Wrenching Story of the Baby Zebra’s Final Struggle Against Hyena Oppressors


The hyena is a relatively common carnivore in Africa, making an important contribution to the balance of the ecosystem here. With a hideous appearance, cold-blooded, cruel to the point of being able to eat their own young, it is not difficult to understand why hyenas are among the most hated animals on earth.

When we arrived, we found a pack of hyenas chasing the cub, with injuries to his leg, we guessed that he was attacked by a group of hyenas before.


At this time, the zebra was seriously injured in the hind leg, so it was very difficult to escape the hyenas, it stopped at a dirt road for tourist cars to visit this place.

When the zebra could not move, the hyenas took turns to bite it, it could only resist weakly.

After many hours of fighting, the zebra was completely defeated, just lying in pain waiting for the hyenas to bite the body.


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