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“The Horrors Unveiled: African Wild Dogs’ Pitiful and Torturous Treatment of Their Captured Prey”


If you’ve ever seen pack of wild dogs pursuing prey, you’ll know why these mottled canids are among Africa’s most successful predators. And those hunting kills were on full display recently when a pack set its sights on a young wildebeest in South Africa’s Madikwe Game Reserve.

Wild dog hunts have an impressive success rate, and much of that depends on the coordination of the whole pack. Thanks to their complex vocalizations and close social ties, carnivores can reach a level of cooperative hunting that cannot be matched by larger predators such as lions.

In the group, each member is built for endurance hunting – from keen senses and toned muscles to strong jaws and teeth specialized for cutting and crushing bones.


In this video, a pack of wild dogs is attacking a wildebeest, they combine to pull their prey, tormenting the wildebeest until it dies.

it constantly bites on the head and stomach, while the child bites on the tail of the antelope, we look at the wild dog hunting and we feel grief for the antelope, tormented in pain.

This type of hunting is typical of the African wild dog, it does not destroy its prey immediately, but torments it bit by bit.



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