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Avenging the Fallen: Raccoon’s Epic Battle Against the Python in Honor of the Devoured Herd Member!


In the wild world, the battles that are concentrated in large numbers are always the most exciting and chaotic battles. When the small animals have the power of the collective it can defeat any animal in the world.

A giant python was encountered by a large number of raccoons and the fight was fortunately recorded and uploaded to Youtube.

The python appears to have captured and eaten another raccoon, leading to anger and a siege as shown in the video. Angry distorted bears surrounded the python and repeatedly attacked the python from behind.


Some have successfully bitten the python, and the python also had a defensive reaction that was full of surprise and scared the cameramen.

The raccoons have not given up on revenge and continuously attacked the python. After a long battle, the python successfully passed the test and left safely.

The great video currently has more than 100k views and will definitely increase dramatically in the near future because the new video has been posted for almost a week.



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