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Standing in front of the extremely poisonous cobra, the squirrel never faltered, determined to fight to protect the baby


While taking tourists on a tour of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier wildlife sanctuary in South Africa, tour guide Dave Pusey captured the moment an adult squirrel fights a cobra.

The video opens with a “face-to-face” scene of a cobra and a squirrel, some looking to “eat” their prey, others extremely focused on finding a way to fend off. Then, in turn, the bite – the deadly weapon of the snake, was completely ineffective against the squirrel because it was too agile and agile.


It can be seen that the ground squirrel has made good use of his agility to avoid bites from the cobra. However, it also does not dare to attack the opponent for fear of dying from the venom of the predator.

After a few minutes of fierce fighting, the ground squirrel finally made the snake run away and helped the cubs to be safe.


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