“Lion’s Reign Threatened: Crocodile’s Daring Ambush Sets the Jungle Aflame”


This feisty lioness was not going to let a crocodile threaten her cubs and their hard-earned meal in Kambaku River Lodge, South Africa.

Crocodiles and lions often clash in battles for food, but letting a crocodile recklessly crawl ashore and steal the lion’s food then this crocodile is not afraid of death.

Crocodiles are very strong and scary in the water but if on land, crocodiles are no longer strong enough to compare with lions. The act of stealing food from a lion is no different from an act of suicide.


Even so, this crocodile was still very firm with its decision, it slowly crawled towards the two lionesses and a Kudu carcass.

Food is threatened with theft and lions immediately take action to protect. The lion began to move the food away from the crocodile and began to threaten the crocodile with death.

The crocodile was scared and was no longer as aggressive as in the beginning, nor was there a bloody fight after that.


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