“Survival of the Boldest: Hyenas’ Audacious Gamble in an Underwater Food Battle against Crocodiles”


Crocodile is an extremely scary animal in the water and it is often accompanied by death. Land animals are very scared of facing crocodiles.

The hyena is also a famous predator in the wild and is nothing more than bravery and recklessness.

Hyenas can swim quite well and are willing to fight with crocodiles in the water because of food.

Crocodiles often have large surpluses of food in the water and these are delicious treats for hyenas. But to get those meals, hyenas need to take risks and risk their lives if the unexpected happens.


Crocodiles can drown any animal with a lightning attack and make the animal quickly disappear under the water.

The hyena has no fear and this time it escaped death.


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