Fierce Courtship: Male Hippos Display Aggression to Impress Their Potential Mate


Hippos are huge animals that weigh about 3,000 pounds and reach up to 17 feet in length, making them truly gigantic. Add some self-sharpening teeth and a jaw that can stretch to 180°, and you have an animal that can do some serious damage.

This high level of aggression probably evolved in part to help protect them against the dangerous animals they developed with; including crocodiles, lions and spotted hyenas.

In this video we see two males fighting it over the female’s ‘pod’, which usually consists of about 10 females in total. Although the fight itself did not last long, these matches could last for hours.

Males aggressively compete for the right to mate with females, in incredible gladiator-style fights. These can have terrible consequences; with some matches ending the life of the loser.


Two male hippos are very determined to win their lover, both show their full potential in front of their lover.

Neither one yielded to the other, both showing off their large mouths and long pointed teeth.

After many hours of fighting, both are tired and now there are winners and losers, and the loser has to bitterly watch the person he likes leave the hands of someone else.
Of course, the winner will get his girlfriend to enjoy the most sacred things.


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