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Daring to touch the monkey, the lion must pay the price for that stupid behavior


The sacred motherly love will drive the gentle animals to become ever more ferocious, the safety and life of the newborn animals is a top priority.
A mother baboon bravely fought a lion for her cub’s life and it had to risk its life to do so.

The lion in a hunt to target the baboons quickly attacked the position of a newborn monkey. Baby monkeys are not aware of the immediate danger and are not used to the alarming situations of their fellows.
The lion quickly caught up and caught the baby monkey, realizing the danger to her baby, the mother baboon quickly acted to stop the lion.

As soon as the lion caught the baby monkey, the mother monkey was present and attacked the lion, a situation of attack full of surprise and strong enough to make the lion scared and run away.
The baby monkey also escaped death in a split second. Moments that prove sacred motherhood always exist.


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