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“The Lioness’ Bounty: Successfully Capturing an Adult Wild Boar to Sustain Her Cubs’ Appetite”


The lion is the most feared predator on the African savannah. With an unlimited menu, they can deal with almost any herbivore. Lions kill and eat buffalo regularly. In some areas, the African buffalo is the main prey of lions. But this time its prey was a large adult warthong.

An adult wild boar is not an easy prey for a lion. But in return, if successful, the lion will get a comfortable meal for its cubs. While watching the cubs, the lioness also took advantage of the observation and discovered an adult wild boar.


An adept predator, the lioness moves gently, using the tall grass to get close to her prey without being noticed. When approaching the prey to a sufficient distance, the predator immediately rushes like an arrow towards the prey.

Thanks to the strength and bravery of the top predator of the steppe, it quickly knocks down its prey and pulls it back to its cubs to enjoy.


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