“The Ultimate Test: Buffalo’s Incredible Stand, Hanging 10 Lions on Its Horns for Unbelievable Survival”


Wild buffalo is always a gentle, healthy animal with a very high level of camaraderie. They have always been the lion’s favorite food, but there are many battles to defeat the buffalo that the lion cannot do.

A long tense battle when a wild buffalo against many lions is being spread and shared widely. The buffalo tried to fight and then did the unthinkable before the lion.

A large male buffalo got lost in the encirclement of more than 10 hungry lions, the lions took turns attacking the buffalo. The buffalo always shows its calmness and great health when pulling a whole lion around.

The male buffalo continuously spins and uses his horns to attack other lions around. It tries to rest while moving to cool places so that it can quickly regain its strength.


The battle was extremely tense and prolonged. As the buffalo gradually regained its health it began to counterattack and rammed several lions into the air. The wound on its tail is quite severe but not enough for it to feel pain and stop fighting.

Finally, the lions were defeated, in turn the lions in the herd had the opportunity to challenge the buffalo and could not overcome this challenge.

The intense battle lasted for more than 12 minutes and also garnered more than 2m views on Youtube, watch the video and enjoy the winning moment with the buffalo.


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